LDS Varsity and Venturing Changes Underscore need for Missionary Training

Today the LDS Church made a historic announcement about its plans to drop the Varsity and Venturing programs previously held in partnership with the Boy Scouts of America.

You can read about these changes on my recent blog as published on (Trapper Trails BSA Council in Ogden, Utah) at this link:  Varsity and Venturing Changes in the Church.  The article also contains some helpful information about program planning – still the heart of programs for church youth – under whatever name or program.  These are still correct and true principles!

The LDS/BSA changes for older boys again underscores the need for home and family missionary training.  This website is dedicated to the principle of home missionary training and specifically the Missionary in Training program.  This program can help parents and families fill in gaps and take more control and management of the training of their/your own missionaries.

I encourage you to take another look at it – and contact with questions about the program opportunities.


Kevin Hunt



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